According to statements made by two US officials, an American military drone was shot down over Yemen.

Earlier, Shiite Houthi rebels also reported that an american drone was shot down over Yemen. According to this source, the drone “MQ-9 Reaper” was shot down south – east of Sana’a, the capital of Yemen.

Two interlocutors for the agency “Reuters”, who asked for anonymity, informed that an armed drone was shot down on Tuesday evening. One US official told that the device was shot down with the help of a surface-to-air missile, which was launched by representatives of the Houthi movement. At the same time, the man did not give evidence in order to support his words. He added that, although the loss of an unmanned aerial vehicle tends to be сostly, this incident is not unprecedented and probably will not force the United States to react decisively.

The agency’s second interlocutor emphasized that it’s too early to indicate the persons responsible for the incident.

Iran dismisses US charges that Teheran provides military and financial support to the Houthi rebels. According to the Iranian authorities, Saudi Arabia is responsible for the growing crisis in the region.