In August 2016, a drone crushed at the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station. Nuclear specialists are extremely unsatisfied with the low level of security provided in the power station. The nuclear and aviation experts wonder how it was possible for that unmanned aircraft to end up at the national key point.

Provincial spokesperson Lloyd Ramovha said that this incident violated the National Key Point Act and the Civil Aviation Act. According to these regulations, the aircraft is not allowed to be operated above nuclear power plant, prison, police station, crime scene, court of law and other strategic installation. Breaking these laws can result in 10-year prison sentence oa fine of R50 000 or both.

Renfrew Christie, a nuclear expert, says that every unauthorized breach of a nuclear power station should be treated very serious. He criticized the decision of returning the drone to its owner without a complete investigation. “This is because what may seem an accidental intrusion by a ‘recreational’ drone could well be undercover reconnoitring for an attack,” he said..