On March 1, police arrested Indian National Congress MP Revanth Reddy. Subsequently, he was detained for 14 days. The politician illegally used UAVs to videotape a farmhouse, which supposedly belonged to the son of K.T. Rama Rao, chief minister of the Indian state of Telingan.The house is located in the village of Janwada. Law – enforcement agenies charged Reddy with the infringement of privacy.

In accordance with a statement made by News Minute, Revant supposedly employed a professional drone pilot to achieve his goal. He made a video of home and then sent it to Reddy on WhatsApp before he leaked them to the press. The reason why Reddy desired to videotape a farmhouse was connected to the fact that he accused K.T. Rama Rao of the construction of a farmhouse bypassing state laws.