Polish engineers working for many years for the European Space Agency have developed the most – innovative system of detection and neutralization of drones under the name «Ctrl + Sky».

This multi-sensor system consists of a 3D radar made in MIMO technology, which is extremely effective and works in all conditions and ensures 360 degree umbrella protection. The supplement is the camera with a powerful zoom, which after catching the drone follows him, the array of beamforming microphones and the RF sensor.

The entirety is completed by neutralization which covers the majority of waves on which the drone 2.4GHz , 5.8GHz, GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Gallileo etc. The neutralization can be controlled by the operator or configured automatically.

The advantage of the system is its full complementarity, which means that Ctrl + Sky is not a collection of different solutions integrated into one as well as the product has an attractive price. Since 2018, the system has obtained the most important awards in the field of security and defense.  Commercial implementations of «Ctrl + Sky» at airports, critical infrastructure, penitentiaries or on the equipment of police services in many countries such as Norway, Estonia, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Germany confirm the highest quality of this system.