Following the incident with drones at the Gatwick Airport, UK Government has decided to propose new counter-drone measures as part of more complex strategy. It’s purpose is to make sure that businesses, individuals and emergency services in the UK will continue to obtain social and economic benefits from the use of drones and at the same time the strategy will focus on tackling the issue of illegal use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Among the new measures are the creation of effective, counter-drone unit which will give the authorities a possibility to react rapidly and effectively to situations like the one which took place at the Gatwick Airport.

Also the British Government wants to bring into action international design standards for drone producers. Implementing of such measures will require the creation of a new industry action group which will cooperate with the government.

Security Minister Brandon Lewis emphasized that “ UK’s drone industry develops rapidly and the Government will do everything in order to strengthen the positive image of UK as a world leader in this branch.