On Thursday the Federal Aviation Administration introduced new drone legislation according to which all unmanned aerial vehicles must be fitted with appropriate technology with the access to internet which will permit authorirites to detect them in case when they are operated in the USA aispace. The exception to the rule are small drones. The new legislation was perceived differently by the drone community.

According to a statement made by chief counsel to the F.A.A., Reggie Govan, rapid detection of unmanned aircraft poses a significant problem to USA authorities. That’s why new legislative proposal is considered to be effective.

A founder of DroneU, Paul Aitken, introduced opposite point of view. He thinks that the new drone law will have negative impact on people, because in some areas there is no internet connection at all.  For this reason dron pilots will refrain from conducting flights. His second preoccupation is that operators of unmanned aerial vehicles will be obliged to disclose information regarding their whereabouts.