Punjab police managed to detain two trespassers who deployed UAVs to illegally transport drugs and explosives across the Indian border. The arrested individuals were Lakhbir Singh, nicknamed Lakha and Bachittar Singh. Moreover, the law enforcement agency managed to confiscate the quadrocopter along with a mini-transmitter and a multifunctional camera. The arrest of Lakhbir Singh took place near the Gurdwara Tahli Sahib temple located in Amritsar. During the interrogation, the police found out that Lakhbir had purchased a quadrocopter in Delhi about four months ago and that the unmanned aerial vehicle had been in the house of his accomplice Bahitar Singh for a long time. Additionally, it was found out that all this time Lakhbir stayed in touch with other criminals who are currently behind bars in Amritsar prison.

A large-scale investigation of the incident is underway.